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About us

MB GlobalReach Company Limited is registered since 1,996.

MB GlobalReach Co., Ltd is an enterprise with cable assembly, distribute all computer cable types,
IT accessories, Tool-Machines and Communication Devices.

We are skilled and experienced in that field for 14 years.

Many big enterprises and business firms have confidence in us.

We are continue keep up on our products and services.

MB GlobalReach was one of organizations that has been affected by economic conditions
in 1997.
We could manage ourself with improve the prodcuts and services.


One of advantages is we cut burden for customers and consumers with high quality produdcts
and services in reasonable prices.

There are out main focused markets.
  • The large retail distribution category Office Automation.
  • Carriers. Distributor of computers and communications.
  • Industrial groups in different countries.


    MB GlobalReach Co., Ltd. is only one of assembly cable in Thailand.

    Our line products are reach 300 items.
    We get a lot of partners who are big company in Thailand that trust in
    the quality of products and services.

    So, You can ensures on our products and services.

    All processes are in quality control as well, The selection of RAW MATERIALS,
    PRODUCTION process, TESTING of product and guarantee QUALITY OF PRODUCTS.


    Operations in 2003 as a partner in the subsidiary CDG Group who have been
    trust from the DEPARTMENT OF PROVINCIAL of Thailand to place an identification
    card system, making smart cards. In all districts across the 76 provinces of Thailand
    and MB GlobalReach provides cables and computer cables for the computers and equipments
    in this system.

    Operations in 2004 as a contract of United Tele Sales Limited a subsidiary of
    UCOM group, who received a concession system
    telephone network throughout Thailand and the company is one of the parties to be
    entrusted to assembly the cable of this concession.

    Operations in 2009 as a partner in the company of Ericsson (Thailand) Limited,
    who get concession to TOT telephone network system throughout Thailand and we are is
    one of the parties to be trust in assembly cable in this concession.

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    Address: 10/5, Moo 5, Soi Klongsitawanaok26, Klongsi, Klongluang, Pathumthani, Thailand, Post code: 12120
    Telephone number: (66)0-2986-5180, (66)0-2986-5181, (66)0-2986-5182, (66)0-2986-5183
    Fax number: (66)0-2986-5289